Why are we doing the Boise Experiment?

Skinny girl in over-sized jeans

Scams abound in the health industry

When first discussing the Boise Experiment with our friends and family “Huh” is just the response we received. Honestly, even after explaining it to them we sometimes received the same response. So we had to dig a little deeper and drive home the main points behind the Boise Experiment.   Number one is YES it is a body transformation.

On one end you have a bulk transformation and on the other a shred transformation.   Now, this has been done for years and years and in a thousand different formats and ideologies.  However one thing that has always bothered me, especially when people are driving a product is that the “subject” or “transformee” is usually a pro bodybuilder/ fitness model etc. The before picture is usually them pushing out their gut, they are unshaven, and not tan.  Then after a quick tan and shave, they get a real good muscle pump going and snap the after photos.  The only real transformation is just aesthetics.

Gain 1 inch on your biceps in 24 hours scamThe health and fitness industry has been such a “dog and pony” show for years, it has put permanent blinders on many people wanting to make real PROGRESS!! I AM asking you to sit back and open your mind and free yourself of all the crap that has been spoon fed to you over the years. Yes, there are some quality training routines out there and NO we are not saying that this is the best program for everyone, it’s an EXPERIMENT and that’s it.

YOU HAVE a choice on what route you want to take on your mental and physical well being.  For far too long the  “magazines and the professionals”  have taken advantage of the general public by pushing their garbage down your throat!!! This is the movement,  far more than a WHEYVOLUTION, but a quest to free your mind and get the results and peace of mind that you first set out to accomplish.