Many lessons were learned while participating and at the end of the experiment. First off, aside from the results, would be the workouts. This was a true eye opener for myself and Ronnie B. We participated in a total of 9 workouts and it was amazing that our strength and size went up with every workout!!! We have both agreed that we will be able to do two HEAVY DUTY workouts per month!!!

NOW, as far as the nutrition portion. I will agree that the ratios were dead on with carbs being 60% proteins being 25% and fats at 15% HOWEVER this is where I had a real eye opener. Although, I would eat clean throughout the day, I was still having 2 to 3 beers (IPA’s) every night, thus throwing my calories off.  This was extremely disappointing to me, BUT I also see that it is an easy fix. You hear it all the time but now it rings so true is that NUTRITION is at least 70% of the battle.

This was a true experiment with no smoke, mirrors, makeup, or computer generated effects. We thank everyone for there support and kind words and look forward to doing the second Boise Experiment!!

Here are the final measurements

  1. Neck – old 19 inches new 21 inches
  2. Forearm (3 inch from elbow) – old 13.75 inches new 16.75  inches
  3. Bicep (5 inch from crook) -old 16.75 inches new 19.75 inches
  4. Hip – 46.75 inches NO CHANGE
  5. Chest – old 49.75 inches new 52.25 inches
  6. Ab – old 43.25 inches new 41 inches
  7. Thigh (9 inch up from patella) – old 26.75 inches new 29.75 inches
  8. Calf – old 17.25 inches new 19.25 inches
  9. Age – 35 NO CHANGE

*All measurements cold


Front double bicep

Relaxed front

Hands on head front and rear, double bicep rear, rear relaxed.

As I said earlier, my strength increase was great! My body weight went from 298 to 282 so a 16 pound drop. My body fat only dropped 7% so that was disappointing . I was not as disciplined with my diet to equal the body fat reduction I was seeking. But it was an experiment and the lesson was learned.

This was a great experience for both myself and Ronnie B.  I LOVED the workouts and the HEAVY DUTY principles. I have learned that I must buckle down on the nutrition, and I have a HUGE amount of respect for those who can stick to there diet…LOL  We are going to take some time off (3 weeks) and then start hitting it again.

Cheers all!