This was our 9th and final workout. It started off really good until I got to the deadlift and I felt extremely week GRRRR. Here is a  recap of the workout:

  1. Dumbell flyes (stack) 9th rep failure * (superset)
  2. Incline press (8 plates ) 3rd rep failure
  3. Nautilus Pullover (stack) 10th rep failure * (superset)
  4. Palms up pulldown 225 4 plus 5 forced reps
  5. Deadlifts 600 failed went to 405 and failed on the 5th.

All in all it was not the best way to finish the workout. I will have my body composition stats and after pictures done on Friday. I do know I didn’t stick to my food  as well, as I would have a few beers each night and get the late night hunger pains. So my bodyfat isn’t where it needs to be, but we will see.