Ok so today really is the day before our last HEAVY DUTY workout.  I am going to try and be sure to get plenty of sleep tonight and be rested up and ready for the workout!!


Had to dart out the door today for errands so instead of cooking up some eggs I had a simple whey protein shake.  That’s when supplements really come in handy.  When time is in short supply they can help speed meals up.

  1. 1 cups old fashioned oatmeal with pineapple chunks
  2. big glass of chocolate milk with 2 scoops www.buybulkwhey.com

Calories 1001, Protein 71.95g (29%), Carbs 145.95g (58%), Fats 17.75g (16%)

chocolate milk, whey protein, oatmeal and pineapple chunks

chocolate milk, whey protein, oatmeal and pineapple chunks


Leftovers!!! love the meat loaf.  I was hoping to have a big plate of rice, green beans and meatloaf but I was out of rice and beans.  I started my rice cooker but was too hungry to wait.

  1. meat loaf
  2. 4 rolls
  3. pineapple

Calories 1319, Protein 56.1g (17%), Carbs 129.6g (39%), Fats 61.400000000000006g (42%)

meat loaf, rolls and pineapple

meat loaf, rolls and pineapple


I ate two pot pies from Costco and was still hungry so I ended up eating one of those giant blueberry muffins from Costco as well.

Calories 1990, Protein 44g (9%), Carbs 197g (40%), Fats 114g (52%)

costco pot pies

costco pot pies

Total Calories

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Breakfast 1001 71.95 145.95 17.75
Lunch 1319 56.1 129.6 61.4
Dinner 1990 44 197 114
Totals 4316.75 172.05 472.55 193.15
Percentages 16% 44% 40%


I felt like I ate a lot of calories today… my fat intake was tooooo high, but by end of night I was hungry.  I decided not to eat because I had ingested so much fat today, and eating late at night seems to increase my body fat.